Sunday, 16 December 2012

Inworldz - Ponderkeep, A Place for Remembering

Inworldz - Ponderkeep - A Place for Remembering.
The Memorial is located in InWorldz at


  1. Thank you Rig - your work compliments the art creation in the most astounding way... This is the most difficult art project I think IW Dreamz & Visionz has ever done.

    Jeri Rahja

  2. Thank you so much for documenting this, Rig. Your photos capture our vision for this monument so perfectly.

    All of your work is simply beautiful.

    Sy Celina

  3. I am in gratitude my friend. Your ever-seeking-beauty eye of this collaborative work has captured breathtaking images far beyond what I was blessed to feel during the creating process.

    Thank you, Rig for posting these.

    Tadhg Muirin