Monday, 12 August 2013

Mont Saint Michel Part One of Two


  1. Having visited Mont St Michel in Real Life several times I am amazed at the way Yadni has re-created this wonderful masterpiece. You have enhanced the builds with your amazing pics Rig, thank you for sharing with us!

    1. Thanks Anna an amazing place well worth the visit, a place to get lost in with your camera lol.

  2. What is the url or location of this region?

  3. Thank you Birch, I had forgot about posting this back in 2013! WOW.........
    It then vanished from InWorldz however.......................
    A-Copy-&-Paste from InWorldz Forum.......

    After recently realizing that the Mont Saint-Michel had vanished from the InWorldz grid, I discussed the matter with Yadni Monde, it's gifted creator. We came to an agreement that I would provide 2 sims and Yadni would rerezzed his master piece.
    This whole building is a pure architectural achievement, made of more than 30.000 parts and completely in line with the real monument, inside and outside...
    I am going to work on preparing this place for shops and homes... This is and will be one of the big highlights of InWorldz and I wil keep you informed when rents are available for those interested. If you already are, please contact me and I'll start to make a list...
    Name of the sims : Mont Saint-Michel Merveille and Mont Saint-Michel Village"
    ~# Anyraya Braveheart