Saturday, 6 September 2014

Pirate Ships

A special project for PIRATE MONTH at Raglan Shire, INWORLDZ - Pictures of Pirate Ships!
Credits: for the Pirate Ships builds:
- The Arcadia Asylum
- Tadhg Muirin
- Moontan Valeeva
One Picture has been added to the Hunt!! - "The Hunt for Tiny Beard's Treasure".
Someone has stolen all the treasure chests from the dread pirate Tiny Beard! Here is your chance to get your booty! Stay one step ahead of Tiny Beard and collect all the tiny treasure. 16 small treasure chests are scattered about the Great Tree at merchant shops. Starting point on the ship in the harbor. Find each of the chests and click for your booty... AND a clue inside each one. Add up all the clues, and they will point you to the location of Tiny Beard's BIG TREASURE TROVE hidden somewhere in Raglan Shire. See link for details:


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