Sunday, 28 December 2014

InWorldz Winterfest 2014 - Winter Trains

rig Reporting from the InWorldz Winterfest 2014
Job Done my final posting from Winterfest!

IWz - Winter Trains & The Banana Mine.
Credit: Yichard Muni.
Images by rig torok.
I have enjoyed this fest very much and thank you "everyone" for the huge works that was put into it.
The highlight of the fest for me has to be - "Winter Trains - Yichard Muni."
Incredible build Yichard - Astounding Work!
Like many my boyhood dream was to be a train driver hahaha!!
Well here at "Winter Train" it was like, really being a Train Driver!!
The sounds, the smoke and the relationship of the train to the track and tunnels,
Astonishing real like!!!
Thank you Yichard.

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