Saturday, 14 February 2015

Borealis Sinks

InWorldz - Borealis Sinks

(The story from 01/27/2015 >>>>>>
This is short story and a quick tour of my land "Borealis".
It has been discovered that the quiet mountain i have here is in fact a very active volcano!!! I have had a Geologist report showing signs of pending total eruption in the next few weeks!!
We are very quickly loading our ship with what we can carry that would be useful, as we will be heading west as its beautiful that way and the tidal waves will be at our back pushing us!)

The adventure continues:
These are the last two snaps of Borealis, well, what is left! I guess it will be totally gone in a couple of weeks. We are all at sea, but our radar is out, the compass is spinning and the crow's nest has a nasty crow with eggs in it, so I am not going up there lol :( We will have to wait and see what is on the horizon as the mists are getting bad!
Images by rig torok

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