Friday, 5 June 2015

"New Landmass" - InWorldz

I don't normally write things in my Blog only what is needed for the images that I post however, I would like to share this news with my InWorldz, Second Life and of course all followers.
While I was taking photos of the "The End of the World As We Know It" in Second Life and "Riot" in InWorldz. (Posting both sets of images shortly). Got me thinking!
(Sadly Riot closed on June 1st 2015, hopeful it will open again in the near future!!).

Catch this - InWorldz is very soon offering a fantastic deal of 2x2 regions - (Link to Forum on the "New Landmass" - Date confined as June 16th 2015 - Check it out! )

The region of the "End of the World" in SL and "Riot" in IWz is enough to blow your mind! However, what if both were on a 2x2 = 4 regions "WOW" your mind would explode!
And this very attractive offer at InWorldz of only $85 a month for the 2x2 it is going to be 12,000prims per one region so that's 48,000prims for 2x2!

Myself, I have a region in InWorldz at $75 per month 48,000prims and only using 5,000 however, just now I have very heavy RL work commitments this year 2015! As soon as I can I will be getting a 2x2 at $85 four full regions together I am going make my 2x2 into...................... as soon as I can!!
AMAZING ......................................


  1. Rig, once it comes in I think you have a lot more photography to do!

  2. Hi there Teal, yes i think so too, I feel shots would be more realistic with the extra spaces.
    I will be posting my images very shortly - the set of "The End Of The World"
    I was thinking what a Build like that, which is in such a small tiny area would be like on x 4......Fantastic!
    And InWorldz will have these areas June 16th 2015.