Sunday, 14 June 2015

RIOT - Part 1 of 4

InWorldz May 2015 - Sadly closed June 1st 2015
Credit: Riot was based on the ideas of Cherry Charlesworth and was built to her specifications by Sade Trafalgar here in InWorldz.
Credit: for Images: rig torok.

Story so far continues:
Good news is that I did not die at the last landing! Having just made it back to my Time-Capsule before my air ran out and before the sea swallowed up the whole town including me at - "The End of the World as We Know It " on this alien planet!
In the capsule I was very fast pressed to enter the date trying to get home and out of there as FAST as possible............... However, I messed up the date up by one month and landed on my Home planet InWorldz one month earlier than the present day!! It seems I am in an abandoned town called "Riot." There was a factory accident here which made the town too toxic a place to live and with a "Closure Order" for June 1st 2015.
Oh hell.............. I have only 6 days to find parts for my damaged Capsule.
These images were  taken on my helmet-cam  from a walk-about in Riot searching for the parts I need!

NB: In Four parts!
What a cool place............. hope they get this town called "Riot" cleaned up and reopened in the near-future!

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