Wednesday, 17 June 2015

RIOT - Part 4 of 4


 COOL Trike!!

Yes, I have my replacement parts off this trike for my damaged capsule!

Hello - Hello - Hello now what do we have here, hahaha

 Out with my pruners 'snip' - 'snip' - 'snip'!

 So here we have the reason for the toxic leak!
"Cyberlink Chemicals" hmmmm

Oh S*** - Guard Dog affected most likely!
Runs like hell out of here >>>>>>> "I am gone man"!

Will I get my Time Capsule Repaired in time?
Will I get safely away from this toxic waste?
Will I live to see another day?
Look-out for more thrilling stories from your "Virtual Time Traveler"!
Fair thee well till next time >>>>>>>>>>>

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