Monday, 24 August 2015

BarrelLands Part 1 of 3

Travels in InWorldz
Credit: rig torok.
Credit for Images: © rig torok
InWorldz Region: BarrelLands (95/70/21)
Credit: InWorldz builders/Merchants

BarrelLands in InWorldz is a dream of rig torok!
"I wanted a Bayou type island set far, far away in the south seas!
The effect I have here is what I was dreaming of.................
However, due to RL heavy work issues i am unable to build on this dream now and also how I could have increased the area with the possibilities of the 2x2......
WOW if Only............. and have events and happening's there!!
If you wish to 'feel' the place and visit? The region is called "BarrelLands" which is now abandoned however, open ONLY till November 16th 2015.
Where upon it sinks into the sea of dreams!
Here are some images I recorded!

(NB: I have the Windlight set for the effect I wanted!)

Always look forward never look back so next project/posting is the 'InWorldz Plus' and my new home YAY!!!)
Wow....... Fantastic" ~#rig torok

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