Sunday, 30 August 2015

InWorldz Plus Part 1 of 2

InWorldz Plus - New from InWorldz
"Travels in InWorldz" has visited the Plus Regions!
Below is a copy & paste from Birch Wind Blog, she's better at "words" than I am!!
Credit: Birch Wind at "Living In Worldz"
Thank you Birch.

I would like to add that I am very excited to make "InWorldz Plus homes" my new home. And to become a Plus member is so, so very easy just 3 clicks away. I am amazed how EASY it all was - WOW:
1st Click: - I was set up and "paper-work" done!
2nd Click: - I was standing on my new doorstep (Home) - I was speechless - "Awesome".
(Btw - I did pot-luck and just picked a plot number you actually can go and visit first and change to different plots if you wish - COOL)
3th Click: - OMG I was given money in my pocket YAY I like this part lol.
"Wow.......... Fantastic ♪ ♫"

Here are some images on what I have done with my little piece of land and house!
I don't normally put "me" in the frame but, oh well it's my home!!!!
Credit for Images: © rig torok August 2015.
Credit: Builders/merchants and of course InWorldz.
As a last note Plus members we have our own private Sandbox!
I like this "Plus".............
Wow.......... Fantastic ♪

 001 - InWorldz Regions set-up and ready to go.

002 - Checking out my Plus Region my boat.

 003 - This is where the parties will take place!

 004 - That channel take you straight onto the open InWorldz Waterways.

 005 - My plot/house.

 007 - Come In

 008 - Sitting area

 009 - The bar area

 010 - cooking and doing nothing area.

011 - OMG rats - WAIT, it's only Fred!

012 - Eating area - service slow today!!

 013 - Well!!...... you never know who your visitors might be!


  1. This is fantastic! Amazing pictures - good to have you as a neighbour!

  2. Thanks Birch, most cool to be in your region Tikaboo Mesa, what amazes me is what you can do with such a small parcel and I still have 214 prims left WOW..............