Wednesday, 4 November 2015

InWorldz FALL FEST 2015 - Set 10

InWorldz Fall Fest 2015 October 18-31st.
Travels in InWorldz - Photographic Studies
Autumn Villiages - Knutz, Kylie, Llola, Sven.

"GALLIMAUFRY VILLIAGE by Llola Lane and Sven Pertelsen - Many interactive elements await for you to explore, from a canoe ride to audio stories. Explore the village doors and buildings for more surprise. There are many things to see and do in this village (even UNDER the water)... make sure you TOUCH the villagers for some interesting chat and grab the FREE Gifts spread through out the sim".
HAUNTED HOUSE by Knutz Scorpio -
The Haunted House on the hill has six ghosts wandering the house, spider webs that are actually sticky, and arachnophobes may want to avoid the third level of the house.
HAUNTED WAREHOUSE by Kylie Garzo & oBobbYo.
See the Haunted Warehouse that has a moat around it. Grab a canoe if you dare and float through the tunnel of fright! (interactive)". ~#EC
Credit: Knutz, Kylie, Llola, Sven & oBobbYo.
Images by © rig torok

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