Monday, 2 November 2015

InWorldz FALL FEST 2015 - Set 8

InWorldz Fall Fest 2015 October 18-31st.
Travels in InWorldz - Photographic Studies

"PIRATE COMMUNITY BUILD led by Calnia Westland - Filled with items pirates love! As you wander the pathways!
Treasure Hunt - The Pirate Community, led by Calnia Westland, has created the fun Treasure hunt on their sim. Search for the chests as you explore the area of the InWorldz pirates". ~#EC
Credit: The Pirate Community.
Credit for Images: © rig torok

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  1. Yeah Fall Fests are so adorable. It used to be school’s biggest event. I really loved attending this event with school friends. You know last year we did re-union party in fall at the best venues San Francisco. It was just great meeting all the friends after a long time.