Tuesday, 15 December 2015

InWorldz Winter Fest 2015 - Snow Country

Snow Country - Winter Activities sims by Snow Country Events Team.
"This set of four sims, is chock full of winter activities. The beautiful snow countryside of Coyote Mountain and Birch Mountain provide a great setting for many interactive activities such as: skiing, ski jumps, toboggan rides, boating, tram rides, ski lifts, ice skating, snow sleighs, planes and balloon rides. There is so much to do here that we had to include a separate detailed note with all the LMs. (see InWorldz Events Committee group notices to get this detailed note) Snow Country Events Team: Tenbears Running, Jay Copperfield, Kayaker Magic & Judy Dressler". ~#EC
Credit: Tenbears Running, Jay Copperfield, Kayaker Magic & Judy Dressler.
Credit for Images: © rig torok
Travels in InWorldz - Photographic Studies

 A Note from rig:
 "I must say this was an awesome visit to the InWorldz Winter Fest 2015 - "Snow Country".
I take my hat off to the work done here WOW! Hey, I did not realize it was on four sims I went over the sim crossings at high speed - smoothly too and didn't even notice!
The blizzard was getting worse up high in the mountains - an electrical snowstorm - could hardy see...... then around a sharp bend  - and "WHAM"......  - straight into a crashed plane blocking my way!  - WHAT?? - incredible - did not expect that! - (See Image)............ I called Emergency Callout 177 - but the storm was too bad - no answer! - no bodies around - so I carried on down the mountain.................................................!!!" ~#rig

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