Wednesday, 9 December 2015

InWorldz Winter Fest 2015 - Winter Train Ride

Winter Train Ride by Yichard Muni

"When you land at the sim entrance hop on the Forstar train, created by Yichard Muni, for a ride along the perimeter of the sim through the tunnel and enjoy the country side views. Midway, stop at the station, have a seat, warm your hands and grab free wearable waffles and cookies... yum. Hop back on the train to finish the train tour. Now you are ready to explore the center area of the sim where you will find a delightful display of toys created by Mira Karu. To win prizes play the Toy Land Quiz. Mira even has some of the toys for sell in T4T vendors, so purchase a few to help T4T and put them under your holiday tree". ~#EC
"All images were taken from the moving train, not an easy task! Ho ho" ~#rig
Credit: Yichard Muni
Credit for Images: © rig torok
Travels in InWorldz - Photographic Studies

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