Saturday, 12 December 2015

InWorldz Winter Fest 2015 - Presents: Lexxy Moore's Pawsum Particles show with DJ Astoria

"With the eyes of a child You must come out and see..."  Lexxy Moore's Pawsome Particles, with a musical backdrop by DJ Astoria Luminos. Staged at the Frozen Ruins main stage.  You are sure to enjoy Lexxy's amazing particle wrangling skills--a must see if you have never experienced!  (As with all particle based shows, the intense nature of the presentation may not be suitable for some.)  All event proceeds will be matched by the founders and donated to benefit the Toys for Tots foundation". ~#EC & Astoria Luminos.
"An absolutely spectacular dazzling show - The particles and music fitted so well together.
It was breathtaking Show! Thank you I really enjoyed it". ~#rig
Credit: Lexxy Moore's Pawsome Particles.
Credit for Music: DJ Astoria.
Credit for Images: © rig torok
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