Saturday, 27 February 2016

InWorldz Plus - A Story of a bear called Bear

Story Time on my InWorldz Plus Parcel.
The other day I had a big emergence at my home place on InWorldz Plus - Tikaboo Mesa Sim with all my door locks seizing up in my house resulting in me being locked out, what made it worse my new pet bear was inside. Oh No...................... What to do....................?
"Panic" - WHAT TO DO?
I phoned the  Emergence Call-Out Service and a Professional Locksmith was right over there and changed the locks for which I am most gratefully and very, very happy, thank you.
It was very fortunate that the Locksmith also discovered she had talents as a bear trainer which luckily calmed my bear down phew, who had been locked in the house during this time, and with the results of just a very, very slight little bite to her ankle, (which I sure was just a friendly nibble anyway!).
She saved the day as no damage was done by the bear however, all the food was eaten which was easily replaced, and guess what? Now my bear is as good as gold! This Locksmith sure has hidden talents as a bear trainer as well as opening doors!
Btw; everyone is invited to visit anytime and the bear with not eat you now lol, and I have piles of food and drinks of all sorts replaced and good music too.
Shows you what you can do with an "InWorldz Plus" Parcel...........
Credit for images: © rig torok
Travels in InWorldz
Photos - My Bear called "Bear" at The Barrels on InWorldz Plus Tikaboo Mesa.

Hey Bear move over I have cold feet!

 Meal times is hard work when being watched that closely!

The Bear & the Cat work as a team!

 I need a drink after this meal

More food!

Bear is useful after all - Free Fish from InWorldz Waterways! YAY

What a superb way to end an evening!

This is not right! Hey Bear that is my bed and I end up with the boxes hmmm

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