Saturday, 2 April 2016

InWorldz IW7 7th Birthday Bash Entertainment Events

Which were on Friday April 1st 2016
This amazing build by Benski features stunning gothic architecture and wall sculptures. You need to be able to see the new materials features to fully enjoy the splendour of this creation. His amazing application of textures and materials effects on the stained glass windows, walls, floor and throughout the build create a visual delight. Benski has also provided some projected lighting for our parties. The interior party decorations are by Moontan Valeeva and the steampunk stage equipment is provided by sChen Chaos

IW7 InWorldz 7th Birthday with DJ Kels music is a huge part of life so embrace it whatever the flavour embrace the music of DJ Kels Foxclaw at the InWorldz annual birthday bash.

IW7 InWorldz 7th Birthday with DJ Q The birthday party continued with the unique sounds and engaging personality of DJ Q  he was bouncing at the main event pavilion.  

IW7 InWorldz 7th Birthday party continued with DJ Astoria
DJ Astoria Luminos was laying down some traveling tunes in the main pavilion as the birthday party continued!
Credit Images by © rig torok

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