Wednesday, 20 April 2016

InWorldz IW7 ICE Southern Charm - Closing Performance

InWorldz I.C.E. InWorldz Cultural Endowment
TORBEN ASP his amazing light show & music
April 2016 7th Birthday April 2016
Credit Images by © rig torok

"It is very hard to show you what the event was really like in 2D form, as the work was in 3D and in par with the live music however, I hope these images gives you an idea of the event!
Torben requested a site beside Ferrator dolphins on the  I.C.E. InWorldz Cultural Endowment Sims and as some of the music was "dancing with dolphins" I tried to get some shots of them too - hope you enjoy these images as I did at the event!" ~#rig


  1. Wonderful pictures...thank you Rig;o)

  2. Hi Torben, many thanks for your comment glad you liked them :))