Sunday, 1 May 2016

InWorldz Golden Touch - ACT ONE

Celebrating the closing of the month long IW7 7th Birthday on 30th April 2016 
Encore performance of "Illumination" featuring an all new number called "My World, Our World, InWorldz" offered as our tribute to InWorldz.
Absolutely - Awesome - Astounding and Amazing very much Appreciated!
InWorldz is getting better and better.
Credit images by © rig torok

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  1. Thank you Rig for these awesome shots you took at the show! We are loving your appreciation and returning it 10-fold!

  2. Thank you Tad and Raspberry, glad enjoyed the photos as much as I loved the show it was Perfect!

    I tried to do something slightly different by getting there up on the stage rather than just overall shots! Trouble was the lights and dancers were moving very fast!
    Or was it the wine on tap haha!

    Folks don't forget and check-out the Video & music - Awesome