Friday, 15 July 2016

InWorldz - Game of Thrones - Highgarden

InWorldz - Game of Thrones 'Shiny'
This is our 'Shiny', how we are trying to make a difference for Inworldz.
Highgarden docks are bustling with people going about their business, an unknown sailor docks his ship and heads straight for the Rose and Crown Tavern. He's welcomed by Miss Rudie and her tavern wenches and given a jug of finest ale.  Who might this stranger be? Is he friend or is he foe?  The guard on the door eyes him up and sends word to the Captain....."he's back".   Who is he?, what does he want?  ........come and join us in Game of Thrones, yes, right here in Inworldz. ~#Beth Tyrell
A medieval fantasy awaits you.  IM Beth Tyrell, or Sarella Martell, for more information..
All Credits: InWorldz - Game of Thrones RP
Thank you Rig Torok for the Posting!

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