Tuesday, 18 October 2016

InWorldz Fall Fest Carnival 2016 - Haunted House

Fall Fest 2016 - Sim Highlight for Oct 18th
Halloween is in the air and today's sim highlight will not disappoint.  Get your fill of spookiness as you explore the Haunted House build by Tamara Ismee, Tadhg Muirin, Kittydog Munro, Drew Hunter. (Be sure to have your sound turned up)
This team has created a spectacular spooky experience using sounds, artfully textured landscaping, well crafted builds, scripting and interactive elements.
Before you enter the haunted house, explore the mist covered  marshy areas complete with skeletons, shady figures, graveyards, a maze and other spooky elements.
Enter the house at your own risk! It is filled with eerie surprises behind every door and hidden panel. ~EC #InWorldz
October 18th 2016.

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