Thursday, 20 October 2016

InWorldz Fall Fest Carnival 2016 - Kingdom of Fun

"Fall Fest 2016 Builds -Fall Carnival Team Build.
"Team build by Tamara Redenblack, Sheku Thor, Benski Trenkins, Neytiri Omatikaya, Katz Republic, Maximillian Svarovski, Arkady Arkright, Mike Chase, Tadhg Muirin, Lexxy Moore". ~#InWorldz.
October 20th 2016
InWorldz Events Scenic 19 (252, 123, 22)
Before you enter through the gateways be sure to have a bit of fun playing the large piano keys.
As you enter you are welcomed by statues of whimsical gnomes.
Checking out the map of the sim you will see it is set up like an amusement park with 8 themed areas:

Yummy Wolrdz - food booths line the courtyard area where you can get interactive goodies.

Carnival Worldz West - Carousels, rides, Face painting, ring toss, basketball, dart game and more!

Arcade Worldz - filled with nostalgic arcade video games and interactive board games.

Fantasia Worldz - Ride a Swan through the tunnel/cave to see the fantasy environment inhabited by fairies, mer, elves, mystical creatures and magical flora.

Alice in Wonderland - See the delightfully whimsical characters as you explore this wonderland path of fun.

Carnival Worldz East - Fortuneteller, bearded lady photo tent, bumper cars, pumkin ride, fun house, pirate ship ride.

Spooky Worldz - Explore this haunted house and lawn area to see what ghastly, ghostly, ghoulish things may be within.

Circus Worldz - see the wide variety of circus animals and sit in the big top to watch the performing monkey, tightrope walker and ring master. hop on a pose ball and enjoy the trapeze or high bar.

It may take several trips to take in all the creative work this team has done to design this fun filled artistic & interactive experience. ~EC
Credit Images: by © #RigTorok

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