Monday, 10 October 2016

InWorldz - The Great IWz Discovery Tour - Rookery No 9

On the IWz Great Discovery Tour 2016 Map and Landmarks
Rookery No: 9 Owner: Gnorman Primswitch
"We invite you to visit The Rookery seas today,25 sims connected to the IW seas, all available for sailing. Pirate/Navy immerse  RP. Rookery Seas offer Ship battles, and other events.  On the Rookery docks you will see a  rezzer which allows you to sail a demo  boat from the PREMIER boat builder Modee Parlez, owner of Loose Cannon Ship Yard.  Take the time to explore as you wish and experience sailing at it's best"! ~Gnorman Primswitch
Btw: Make sure you hang onto your notecard and map as some regions are already removing the signs!!
Fishing Boat Credit: Tenbears Running - "Scrimshaw Yacht Sales" @ "Friday Harbour" 

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