Sunday, 2 October 2016

InWorldz - N/W Walking Dreamer Estate Navigation Water Routes

On the North/Western corner of the I'z Straits (InWorldz Waterways) leads you onto "Shoalways Bay" - "Glen Alpine" - "Neah Bay"  the start of the InWorldz Walking Dreamer Estate Navigation The Western Route which starts on the Map in "Kiribat" with it's amazing tree cover.

Next is "Tuvalu" The home of the InWorldz Harriet Quimby Air Museum! We docked and had a good look around at the history of flight! Following the Deep Canal Route which leads you into "Dolphin Cay" & "Sanctuary Bay" looking back at "Paros".

We started fishing in Sanctuary Bay however, some unknown reason all the tuna was gone!! But, the sharks were not!! - My Contract Fishermen team were most unhappy with me in fact very unhappy as they wanted Tuna! However, - oops I accidentally stated the boat at full speed and they fell overboard - oh dear! - OMG rapidly leaves that area as water went a strange mysterious red colour? (Pic to show you but don't tell anybody!!) "Evil laugh" Hey, I can now sell their share of the fish that we did get and nobody will be any wiser and sharks can't talk, true YAY!

Luckily filled up with free gas at Harriet Quimby Docks and Airport  now heading back now through Tupaia Bay & Amelia Bay trying the Narrower route hidden from view - hope there are no low bridges - and top gear back to the Straits and home and fish markets!
September 2016.
Credit Regions: #JudyDressler
Credit Images: by © #RigTorok

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