Thursday, 27 April 2017

InWorldz 6 - IW8 Sim Highlight - Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass by Gia Robbiani
Gia has done a simply amazing job in creating this interpretation of Wonderland complete with all your favourite characters.  From exploring the house to falling down the rabbit hole to exploring the various areas of wonderland , this is one that you have to experience from beginning to end to fully appreciate.
Here is a description in the artist's own words:
Welcome to Through the Looking Glass.  A recreation of Alice's Wonderland, where YOU are now on Alice's journey yourself. A step back to a childhood story where you are in the story this time.  Find the White Rabbit and follow him down the rabbit hole and go on an adventure to meet the characters of Wonderland, explore strange lands, attend a bizarre tea party, play croquet with flamingos, discover hidden gardens, make your way through a mazes where time runs backwards and more. Things to look for - Touch and try everything. Some things may have notecards, some things may take you to a new location or some things might give you a gift. See where it takes you and enjoy the adventure. ~Gia Robbiani
April 2017 - InWorldz's 8th Birthday - Happy Birthday!
Images by © #RigTorok

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