Thursday, 18 December 2014

Mini Winterfest Hunt 2014

Mini Winterfest Hunt

If anyone is interested!!
As you look around at the InWorldz Winterfest 2014 and you spot this object (of course disguised by "Windlight"). You will get a free rig torok photo.

Btw; you can't reply to my thread here however, IM me - rig torok InWorldz and send me a "snapshot" with the Sim location of the object below and i will let the FIRST person who sends me the snapshot choose a FREE photo from my gallery. (By the way it's closing early February to make way for my NEW project)!!!
I will also donate l'z800 average cost of the photo to Toys-for-Tots if i get the snapshot!!

IWz Winterfest 2014 - Mini Builds

rig Reporting from the InWorldz Winterfest 2014
Mini Builds Areas.

 A - Winterfest M2
Credit: tunes Meness

B - Candy Tree Music Box
Credit: Miso Susanowa

C - Winterfest M2
Credit: Ferrator Montoya

 D - Winter Formal Garden
Credit: Zarmina Naidu

 F - Solstice Pond & Surrounding Trees
Credit: Teal Freenote

Monday, 15 December 2014

IWz Winterfest 2014 Northern Lights - pt2

rig Reporting from the InWorldz Winterfest 2014

Northern Lights - Visual Arts.
Part two
Images by rig torok.

 -  "Remembrance"
Credit: Teal Freenote.

Credit: Caro Fayray

 - "Star Dancer"
Credit: Teal Freenote

 - "The Stuff of Stars"
Credit: Rhiannon McKenna.

- "The Way Through"
Credit: Teal Freenote

- "Winterfest Cathedral"
Credit: Benski Trenkins

IWz Winterfest 2014 Northern Lights - pt1

rig Reporting from the InWorldz Winterfest 2014

Northern Lights - Visual Arts.
Part one
Images by rig torok.

 _ "Fairy Ice Sculpture"
Credit: Gideon Solo

- "Glimpse Nothern Lights"
Credit: Mira Karu

- "Lyra's lament (Northern Lights)"
Credit: Moontan Valeeva

 - "Musicians Angels"
Credit: ilianor illios.

 - *Ophion's Egg*
Credit: (c) Alizarin Goldflake/Martha Jane Bradford.

- "QT winter 2014 - non-phantom & particles"
Credit: quadrapop tree

Friday, 5 December 2014

Winter Fest 2014

I would like to introduce you all to the:
The 5th Annual... WINTER FEST 2014.
InWorldz Sponsored Holiday Gala
Benefiting Toys For Tots Foundation.
December 6th to December 21st 2014 - Open to all IW residents and guests!

We celebrate winter, holidays, & giving hearts in this 15 day long event.
All proceeds from this event will benefit Toys for Tots foundation.

ART - This year we will create an environment gallery consisting of 3 Sims on which all art will be displayed. - A Northern Lights themed art exhibition
Please enjoy some images i took on my Sim in InWorldz and these can seen in the 2D art Gallery!
(Located on InWorldz Scenic 16).

NB: Copied - some words are from EventsCoordinator on link:

Saturday, 29 November 2014


Second Life - LEA21
Art Installation Nov. 2014.
Credit: Giovanna Cerise Chaos - Kosmos.