Friday, 16 January 2015

Westeros - RP Game of Thrones

Here's a preview of some of the lands of Westeros in InWorldz as seen though the eyes of a visiting virtual photographer rig torok.
Grand opening of Westeros January 16th 2015.
Virtual Worlds Digital Art by rig torok.

High Garden

Eastern Dorne

Casterly Rock

King's Landing

King's Woods

Mountains of the Moon

Vale of Arryn


Saturday, 10 January 2015


The Scenic Sims of InWorldz
InWorldz - Santorini

Is a winter-themed scenic sim created by Judith Underwood. It is best viewed using the region windlight. Blizzard.
There is a fishing area on the arrival deck and a boat if you wish to cruise around the island. A small gypsy camp is close by and you can walk to a cozy chalet where you can have a light meal. There is a red fishing shack on the other side of the island where you can have a  beer and a nap before you continue your visit.  A picnic table has been set up for a coffee break, and there is a camping area for those who prefer to "rough it." The wooden bridge leads to a cabin with snacks and coffee. You can while away the hours rocking, listening to the bird sounds and the waves. 
Stroll over to the shrine under the trees at the top of the small hill. Here you can relax with a calming tai chi exercise, or meditate quietly under the trees.  There are candles of remembrance for our departed pets behind the shrine. If you wish, you can light candles for your departed loved pets. Down the hill is a statue of Kuan Yin, She Who Hears The Tears Of The World, a beautiful statue crafted by Amaranthim Talon. You can meditate under the trees beside her, listening to the whisper of the waves.

Commentary by Judith Underwood
Images by rig torok.