Monday, 13 July 2015

InWorldz I.C.E. - Labyrinth Part 3 of 4

InWorldz I.C.E. - Labyrinth Part 3 of 4
I.C.E. (InWorldz Cultural Arts Endowment)
Credit: sChen Chaos.
Credit for Images: © rig torok

Sunday, 12 July 2015

InWorldz I.C.E. - Labyrinth Part 2 of 4

I.C.E. (InWorldz Cultural Arts Endowment) Presenting:
Labyrinth Tokyo, Photo Exhibition by Chaos sChen.
"Tokyo... The biggest metropolitan area in the world!
The cleanest and safest mega-city in the world!
Here I present a selection of photos I took in Tokyo.  Not all are "art", but you can get a feeling for how it is there.
Tokyo is really overwhelming for a little porcupine from a small village :D
I was there for only a few days, so I can show only a small part of the whole.
But seriously, does any one person really know the entire Tokyo area?  I think that is impossible! The City is always changing!
The black buildings, where I put most of the photos, are taken from Vector 2D data of a real part of Tokyo - The buildings are not actual scale. (Teal Freenote made the Garden!).
What I think about is fun to explore, go shopping, eat the food and take photos. They also have much greenery there.  But seriously, I do NOT wanna live there hehe I would miss the real forest :D" ~#sChen Chaos.
Credit: sChen Chaos
Credit for Images: rig torok ©

Saturday, 11 July 2015

InWorldz I.C.E. - Labyrinth Part 1 of 4

I.C.E. (InWorldz Cultural Arts Endowment) 
sChen Chaos / LABYRINTH TOKYO w/Teal Freenote's Garden &
"Immerse yourself in the sheer brilliance of these artists. A stunningly exquisite art installation!"
~#Inworldz Dreamz & Visionz Art Fests.
Images: rig torok.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

LEA10 Nothing Endures But Change

Second Life Art Installation - April 2015
Credit: by Whiskey Monday.
Credit for Images: rig torok.

As you know from my last posting I had a complete shutdown of all systems.................
Could not work out what went wrong so decided to hop out and have a look around where-ever I was!
Oxygen is good so lets go >>>>>>>
Hmmmm nothing here expect nothing as far as the eye can see and more nothings...............
Heading back.... "WAIT" I see something!
This place is called "Nothing Endures But Change" so everything is not what it seems..... hmmm Interesting!
Thinking... ("Fish living out of water, humans lives in the water, sail boats flying in the sky and not on water") everything is the opposite here!
That's it........ Yes - to turn on my drives I press the Off button - to go forward apply reverse - to open the hatches press shut.
Yay..... take's off for home >>>>>>>>^
Look out for another extra thrilling adventures from y........................................
>>>> Darn Crash-Landed somewhere.............................. !!

Saturday, 27 June 2015

LEA8 AquaGlo - Part 2 of 2

Second Life March 2015
Credit: Aqua th Oracl3 (aquaglo)
Credit: for Images: rig torok

Coming into land on WHAT?..........................................

Darn this thing........ REPORT - "All Systems Shut Down"

Friday, 26 June 2015

LEA8 AquaGlo - Part 1 of 2

Second Life March 2015
Credit: Aqua th Oracl3 (aquaglo)
Credit for Images: rig torok
Now where was I? Ah yes, I was running at a very fast rate away from a very toxic dog in a town called RIOT (see my postings of "RIOT" in my Blog!).
Well I made it back to the ship in time and in one piece, you will be pleased to hear!

Fixed the time thrust drives on the ship, then started looking through old data looking for clues on how to get home and took off!
However, while in RIOT I took some samples of a strange plant I found, looks like I must have got some form of contamination in the thrust drives from maybe parts of this plant as I was unloading. Because, now I have lost control of the Ship and the view is very strange like some form of psychedelic landscape pulling me along or whatever i am flying through >>>>>>>>>
Here are some images I took for research!

These are two images of my Ship's Time Thrust Drives 121212!
 Awesome drives when they are working correctly!!

Wow dazzling take off >>>>>>>>

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

RIOT - Part 4 of 4


 COOL Trike!!

Yes, I have my replacement parts off this trike for my damaged capsule!

Hello - Hello - Hello now what do we have here, hahaha

 Out with my pruners 'snip' - 'snip' - 'snip'!

 So here we have the reason for the toxic leak!
"Cyberlink Chemicals" hmmmm

Oh S*** - Guard Dog affected most likely!
Runs like hell out of here >>>>>>> "I am gone man"!

Will I get my Time Capsule Repaired in time?
Will I get safely away from this toxic waste?
Will I live to see another day?
Look-out for more thrilling stories from your "Virtual Time Traveler"!
Fair thee well till next time >>>>>>>>>>>