Friday, 7 October 2016

InWorldz - Exhibit of Contemporary and Vintage Quilts

Exhibit curated by Jillian2000 Quintessa at the Community Library at Sendalonde. Quilts from the 19th, 20th and 21st century are displayed.
"If you were unable to attend the opening party for the Quilt Show on Oct. 2nd -- no worries.
The Quilt Show will be left in place for several months, and you can browse it at your leisure.
The display features contemporary quilts made by myself, Jillian and a few others. As well, there are two sections of vintage quilts. Half of the vintage quilts were provided by Calnia Westland, with the permission of the Fennimore Museum of New York.
There is an information notecard in the welcome sign available on touch. Each quilt panel also will give a notecard on touch with information about the creator and details about the quilt's construction". ~#Jillian2000Quintessa
Credit Images: by © #RigTorok

Sunday, 2 October 2016

InWorldz - N/W Walking Dreamer Estate Navigation Water Routes

On the North/Western corner of the I'z Straits (InWorldz Waterways) leads you onto "Shoalways Bay" - "Glen Alpine" - "Neah Bay"  the start of the InWorldz Walking Dreamer Estate Navigation The Western Route which starts on the Map in "Kiribat" with it's amazing tree cover.

Next is "Tuvalu" The home of the InWorldz Harriet Quimby Air Museum! We docked and had a good look around at the history of flight! Following the Deep Canal Route which leads you into "Dolphin Cay" & "Sanctuary Bay" looking back at "Paros".

We started fishing in Sanctuary Bay however, some unknown reason all the tuna was gone!! But, the sharks were not!! - My Contract Fishermen team were most unhappy with me in fact very unhappy as they wanted Tuna! However, - oops I accidentally stated the boat at full speed and they fell overboard - oh dear! - OMG rapidly leaves that area as water went a strange mysterious red colour? (Pic to show you but don't tell anybody!!) "Evil laugh" Hey, I can now sell their share of the fish that we did get and nobody will be any wiser and sharks can't talk, true YAY!

Luckily filled up with free gas at Harriet Quimby Docks and Airport  now heading back now through Tupaia Bay & Amelia Bay trying the Narrower route hidden from view - hope there are no low bridges - and top gear back to the Straits and home and fish markets!
September 2016.
Credit Regions: #JudyDressler
Credit Images: by © #RigTorok

InWorldz - The Great IWz Discovery Tour - Picnic Island No 8B

On the IWz Great Discovery Tour 2016 Map and Landmarks
Picnic Island No: 8B Owner: Scott Carpaccio
Sail into Picnic Island right on the lz'Ocean(65). Beach, sand, boating, jet ski, camp, marshmellow waterfall,l vacation date couples romantic, bbq grill, swim and nature park. ~
Fishing Boat Credit: Tenbears Running - "Scrimshaw Yacht Sales" @ "Friday Harbour" 

InWorldz - The Great IWz Discovery Tour - Loggos Bay No 8A

On the IWz Great Discovery Tour 2016 Map and Landmarks
Loggos Bay No: 8A Owner: Scott Carpaccio
A Greek themed vacation paradise open to everyone. Greek restaurant,  seafood,  boating, swim, diving, beach, shopping, winery, movie, park, chapel, exploring, dancing, dining, hot tub, couples romantic date, free jet-ski and free boat to sail! ~
Fishing Boat Credit: Tenbears Running - "Scrimshaw Yacht Sales" @ "Friday Harbour" 

InWorldz - Fall Fest 2016 Kick Off Events

InWorldz Fall Fest 2016 - Carnival! Oct 1st-31st
October 1st 2016 
11:30am - WeeFolk Carnival Float Viewing and Costume Parade
Celebrate Fall, Fright and Fun at Fall Fest 2016-Carnival! Wear your favourite Carnival Mask and outfit or Halloween costume and join us for our Kick off of Fall Fest 2016. View the Weefolk Carnival Floats, then enjoy the Costume parade from the Weefolk build sim.
Parade Floats by Weefolk Team: Ally Parker, aminita potez, Archer Umia, belevar planie, Jewel Hunter, Krei Snaggletoof, lilac glitz, OldeSoul Eldemar, Teal Freenote, Tamara Ismee, Wolf Hartnell, Yichard Muni.

12:00pm - DJ G-Winz
Celebrate Fall, Fright and Fun at Fall Fest 2016-Carnival! DJ G-Winz will be shaking the fall leaves off the trees with his high energy set of tunes, sure to get you into the fall fun.

2:00pm - Keeba Tammas and the Tiny Maniacs
Celebrate Fall, Fright and Fun at Fall Fest 2016-Carnival! Keeba Tammas and the Tiny Maniacs on our Main Stage. Keeba has been singing professionally in a variety of bands over the years. Her powerful voice will grab you as she belts out a song with pure emotion. The Tiny Maniacs band backs her up filling the venue with delightful energy and fun! ~#InWorldz
Credit images: by © #RigTorok