Sunday, 12 February 2017

InWorldz - GT Club Event - We All Speak In Poems Part One

On Saturday, February 11th Golden Touch hosted a 3-hour Club Event. 
"We'll be doing a first-ever recorded club dance as well especially for you! So come on down; dance the GT dances with us and watch a very special number! Truly an event you don't want to miss! **Keepsake invites went out on 2-4 if you didn't get one make sure you message Calliope Andel, Tamara Redenblack (Tamara Bi), or Mike Chase for your personally delivered ** Keepsake!" ~Calliope Andel
An abstract interpretation of this Awesome Event by 2D photographs!  
Credit Images by © #RigTorok

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

InWorldz - The Great IWz Discovery Tour - Pirate Waters - Part One

"Pirate role play - shipyard - Pirate Ships for sale. Above there is a club - The Music Hall of Fame and an Airport. - We are in the Black Powder Region where we hold sea battles.
When your powder runs out and the dust clears and the last smoking barrel stops smoking the ones that remain by your side and pressed against your back are your friends your family" ~Charles Vane. 
16 - Cut Throat Cove
17 - Zaanse Schans (Skye Islands)
18 - Oceans End
21 - Black Sails Ship Yard

Since the Planned route on the notecard has become very confusing due to sea battles with losses and gains of lands have changed the map! I therefore, suggest you view these Pirate Sims as one whole area - still a fantastic and FUN place to visit!

These Sims are all connected together into one vast sea and it does seem that I have come through a time warp which is a huge Waterfall (See Pictures!) and there appeared to have been many sea battles in these areas, very heavy armed medieval war ships of many different sizes are docked here & there with many wrecked ships about! Lucky for myself these pirates like their rum! Aye, by the sign of the empty barrels laying around and no guards and the ones I did see were "Dead Drunk" - Hey I could steal their gold and supplies of fresh Rum and escape with my modern boat back through the time warp hahaha - Check my pictures to prove that I found them "Aye, aye Captain we're loading!"
In Part Two got to get my hands on the Gold Map............ Will keep you all posted!
All Credit goes the Pirates of #InWorldz
Credit Images by © #RigTorok

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

InWorldz - The Great IWz Discovery Tour - Dark Paradise No: 15

Dark Paradise No; 15 Owner Calnia Westland
Dark Paradise In the midst of the pirated Black Powder Seas, lies a tranquil island with colorful flora and fauna. Weary travellers are welcome to come find rest and perhaps a dark place to hide.  Creatively designed by Calnia Westland, now owned by Lily Lightcloud. Cottages for rent Just ask for info or come check them out!
Credit Images: by © #RigTorok