Saturday, 29 April 2017

InWorldz 10 - IW8 Sim Highlight - Art by Nyx Breen

The Art of Nyx Breen
This year Nyx has included two art installations.  The first is at ground level and is called "The Birth of Venus"  A modern recreation of the classical painting by Botticelli, Birth of Venus.  The second art installation is a steampunk style recreation of the Borg Hive.  Both are visually stimulating experiences. I do not want to spoil the experience---  you just have to see it for yourself to explore and get the full impact. Be sure to click on the sign at ground level to get the free outfits and notes. ~EC
April 2017 - #InWorldz's 8th Birthday - Happy Birthday!
Images by © #RigTorok

Friday, 28 April 2017

InWorldz 9 - IW8 Sim Highlight - Our RL in IW

Our RL in IW by ilianor illios
In this highly creative design, we get a surrealistic look at the inner workings of the artist's mind from creation to fruition of the various realistic and whimsical final designs she has so meticulously manifested.
Below is a description in the artist's own words:
Hi everybody,
Our Real life in InWorldz start in RL room, sitting in front at the computer.
Without realizing it, we enter with our mind and after some minutes also with ours emotions, in this way the Virtual World become Real.
In this work i try to show how we enter in this virtual life with the work through the pc work it create a grid and we play in it before with simple shape like the primitive and then when the our experience grown the primitive become more complex. The travers that you are going to do trough 3 rooms show this path, Primitives, sculpts , mesh and finally real avatars, at this point our virtual life become Real!!!!
Enjoy ^_^ ~ilianor illios
*.:。✿*゚‘゚・✿.。.:**.:。✿*Happy birthday citizens of InWorldz*.:。✿*゚‘゚・✿.。.:**.:。✿*
April 2017 - #InWorldz's 8th Birthday!
Images by © #RigTorok

InWorldz 8 - IW8 Sim Highlight - Elven Village

Elven Village by Yichard Muni
Utilizing techniques from the past and present, Yichard has created an eclectic mix of old and new in his elven village.
Below is a description in the artist's own words:
Please enter and follow the hollow path toward the Elf village. Take time to visit all the corners and undergrowth, because there are many semi-hidden things.
In the "real" life there is a lot of ugliness and injustice. Representing beauty is one of the antidotes we need, and the only real purpose of true artists. The fiction theme of the Elfs is conducive of this, because Elfs are wise and beautiful beings who love nature and love each other.
Virtual worlds are excellent at sharing the experience of the immersion in a better world. This is why I support InWorldz, the most fantastic tool ever created for artists to convey their vision.
~Yichard Muni
April 2017 - #InWorldz's 8th Birthday - Happy Birthday!
Images by © #RigTorok

Thursday, 27 April 2017

InWorldz 7 - IW8 Sim Highlight - The Beanstalk

The Beanstalk by Moontan Valeeva
This delightfully whimsical & interactive design includes sound effects, so be sure to have your sound turned on.  Start off your exploration by crossing the xylophone bridge while each of the steps plays notes.  Once you arrive at the beanstalk you can either climb it or take the fast track to the Giant's back yard at the top.
Below is a description in the artist's own words:
This garden is designed to keep you IN..
Almost everything and all in the garden is interactive.. discover what is by click- touch- sit, pose and listen.... (turn on your volume)
Take a walk and enjoy but make it fast.. I hear the giant snoring but will he wake up?
Ride the giant dragonflies
Kiss a frog
Feed the fish
Collect honey from the bees
Free the birds from their cage
Make music
Sit on some mushrooms (point click - sit)
Climb on the table
Drink some wine (but don't fall asleep)
Listen to the soothing voice of the golden harp (but don't fall asleep)
Grab your own pair of magic beans (matchbox)
and more...
~Moontan Valeeva
Credits to:
shaun nicholson for the Sit Anywhere script, floating island and realistic water
and all the wonderful InWorldz creators of whom I used scripts, mesh and sculpts.
April 2017 - #InWorldz's 8th Birthday - Happy Birthday!
Images by © #RigTorok