Sunday, 12 July 2015

InWorldz I.C.E. - Labyrinth Part 2 of 4

I.C.E. (InWorldz Cultural Arts Endowment) Presenting:
Labyrinth Tokyo, Photo Exhibition by Chaos sChen.
"Tokyo... The biggest metropolitan area in the world!
The cleanest and safest mega-city in the world!
Here I present a selection of photos I took in Tokyo.  Not all are "art", but you can get a feeling for how it is there.
Tokyo is really overwhelming for a little porcupine from a small village :D
I was there for only a few days, so I can show only a small part of the whole.
But seriously, does any one person really know the entire Tokyo area?  I think that is impossible! The City is always changing!
The black buildings, where I put most of the photos, are taken from Vector 2D data of a real part of Tokyo - The buildings are not actual scale. (Teal Freenote made the Garden!).
What I think about is fun to explore, go shopping, eat the food and take photos. They also have much greenery there.  But seriously, I do NOT wanna live there hehe I would miss the real forest :D" ~#sChen Chaos.
Credit: sChen Chaos
Credit for Images: rig torok ©

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