Wednesday, 15 July 2015

InWorldz I.C.E. - Labyrinth Part 4 of 4

I.C.E. (InWorldz Cultural Arts Endowment)
Labyrinth In A Shell
*About Me - Kerupa Flow*
"I am a Japanese artist.  The art you see here was made on a computer, using a pen tablet. 
Virtual Worlds allows me to display my art in its purest form.  Digital data is revealed via graphic pixels.  Virtual Worlds helps make my art come alive, makes it real, more even than in 1st life, because to show it there I would have to transform it, by printout or posting on the web.  Here I can upload and it is a real life experience inside a Virtual World.  I find that so exciting!" ~#Kerupa Flow.
Credit: Kerupa Flow.
Credit for Images: © rig torok

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