Tuesday, 21 July 2015

LEA12 - The Paradise of CyberPolis - Part 1

A game- and story-based grey-scaled art installation.
Credit: Asmita Duranjaya and Sable/snakeappletree.
Credit for Images: © rig torok March 2015

I seem to be in some form of time data corruption zone and I  have a time leak of some type!!
My ship  crashed on this planet in a city of paradise, called CyberPolis! It seems that the planet is out of control heading for it's Sun.
I must have gotten out ok as my last posting was from Tokyo InWorldz. However, vital records and details of this City have been destroyed!!
I do have some pictures which I found on my cam but, not the notes.........................
So please bear with me as i try and fit them in some sort order trying to work out what  was dreaming and what was real! Or was it all just a dream?
To escape from this city I need a set of letters which will make a code to open the gates to the inner cambers where the escape pod is found!  Everyone else has gone except some Cyborgs..... Hope i can get help from them - maybe!!
"Decidedly Strange Goings-on"

NB: Not sure how many parts there will be with this time leak I have been having!
Also on my Blog I will add a few words to each image..............
Maybe to make the story clearer, just maybe! Well for me anyway!!!

 001 - The underwater crash-site

002 - The dead scientist and explorer where I found her notebook for the escape route out of this doomed city!

003 - To get to the surface I have to enter the large disused sewer pipes

004 - Reading the first clue that I am on the right track I will see an alien skeleton!

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