Monday, 5 December 2016

InWorldz - 8 Winter Fest 2016 Sim Build Highlights - Sleigh Ride Village

By Giles Team - Team members: Gale Giles, Primilena Dumpling, and Guy Wardell
The Giles team has really gone all out creating this highly interactive sim which offers several methods for exploration.  I suggest trying them all.  Start off with a balloon ride tour for an aerial overview of the sim, then take the sleigh ride tour.  After the sleigh ride tour have a walk about the various buildings.  You really will want to explore each and every building as all of them have so much to offer in the way of information, gifts, food, and fun.  There are several Christmas quizzes to test your knowledge.
Some of the interactive elements include: Driving in the Santa car, sledding, roasting marshmellows by a campfire, food items in the Sweets shop, gifts  in the curiosity shop, free skates, quizzes and more!
Be sure to have your sound turned on to enjoy the sound effects". ~EC #InWorldz Toys4Tots.
Credit Images by © #RigTorok

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