Monday, 5 December 2016

InWorldz - 9 Winter Fest 2016 Sim Build Highlights - Underwater Winter

Underwater Winter by Llola Lane and Sven Pertelson
"Llola and Sven have created a very special winter experience with icebergs, floating sheets of ice, and an underwater winter environment.  The tp will take you to a floating ice area where you are greeted by a wolf, polar bears, penguins and reindeer.  While you are there, grab some of the free skates to skate around a bit, then ride a sheet of ice down the ice block run slide which will put you underwater.  Explore the ocean floor full of sea life and underwater vegetation. Find the mermaid for some free gifts and ride the underwater dolphin pulled sub-sleigh.  Llola has even created a floating wooden platform where you can get some of her fabulous holiday art for free.  What a great and unique idea for our winter fest to see winter from this different perspective". ~EC #InWorldz Toys4Tots.
Credit Images by © #RigTorok

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